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Snipperoo is a tool for managing widgets in your web sites. Widgets are little bits of code that you collect from other web sites and put onto your site. They do all sorts of things, from showing off our photos to allowing people to contact you to tracking your visitors and everything else inbetween. We want to make it very easy for you to try out any widgets in your blog or web site.

You embed one line of code in each place you want to add widgets and then use the Snipperoo interface to make the collection of widgets you want for your site. If you try a widget and don't like it, you can simply remove it without seeing the code again. If you want to reorganise your widgets, you can do so whenever you want.

We don't have a set gallery of widgets, we expect you to go and collect them from the wild. But we have the largest widget pool of widgets in the world. Any code widget can go into Snipperoo. This means that as soon as you hear of a great new widget, or if your aunty Flo writes a tasty badge, you can add it to your site.

You can find locate widgets using our Widget Directory. There are currently over 2000 widgets in it, all of which can be added to your account. We wanted to make this very simple, so there are only three parts to Snipperoo.

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