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Young People And Alcohol Consumption Essay

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Young People and Alcohol Consumption
By Jose Santiago

Purpose: This speech explains the effects of alcohol drinking among young teens, effects that could very well lead to a number of serious problems and altercations.
I. I’m a guy from South Florida who at an early age 14 to be exact, started consuming large quantities of alcohol not having any knowledge of its very dangerous effects and repercussions.
A. Alcoholism is an addiction that becomes very difficult to beat.
B. I was not aware of how much damage alcohol ...view middle of the document...

B. The earlier a young person begins drinking alcohol the more chances are that he or she will develop to be an alcoholic.
C. The more alcohol they consume the more foolish they will become and regret their actions.
III. Consuming heavy doses of alcohol more than likely will have an effect in their social lives, sports and school assignments.
A. Some of the results will include punishment and grounding from their parents.
B. Being sexually active which in terms could lead to having unprotected sex that may result in pregnancy and AIDS (HIV).
IV. Alcohol abuse may also lead to problems with law authorities.
A. Being caught drinking under the influence could result in doing jail time.
B. Serious time behind bars for causing accidents that would involve the death of a person or more people.
V. Heavy alcohol consumption will indeed lead to extremely health problems.
A. Too much alcohol consumption may cause liver damage.
B. Long term consumption of alcohol may cause damage to the pancreas, heart, and brain.
C. I hope that young people come to realize the damaging and deadly effects of alcohol abuse and why the habit is dangerous.


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