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Young And Middle Adulthood Case Studies

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3. Explain changes that occur in sexuality for men and women.
The majority of the people assume that once a person gets into a certain age, sex is not an important part of a person life that is if sex is part of that person’s life. When in reality that assumption about sex is not true. The elderly people may not be as wild as young adults when it comes to sexual practice, but they still have the desire to have sex, even though they are into their late eighties. Sex is one of the meaningful aspects of any relationship and this does ...view middle of the document...

According to Cherry "Some men are unable to achieve erection at all. This is referred to as impotence. Impotence doesn't only affect elderly men; younger men will also likely suffer this at least once in their lives” (Cherry). The women also go through some of the changes in witch is menopause during the middle adulthood. The menopause is one of the common cause for sexual changes in women as they get older. Cherry states that "following menopause, a woman's vaginal canal may be shortened and thinned and sometimes even becomes smaller all around. Many women also experience a decrease in lubrication" (Cherry). In my opinion as a women the combination of a smaller vagina and less lubrication might make sex uncomfortable. But if both men and women are experiencing sexual changes due to elderliness they should discuss these issues with their partner. By staying with an open mind and communicate, the husband or wife can take steps to deal with possible problems that can come and salve it as one hole person.

Cherry, K. (). Changes in Sexuality. Net places psychology, (1), 1-3.

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