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Xbcom 275 Week 7 Checkpoint Essay

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What different persuasive approaches would you use with the following audiences: a manager, a peer, a challenging person, and an open-minded person? Why would your approach differ with each?

The art of persuasion is not simply forcing someone else to see a point of view, do things a different way, or force someone to believe in a specific something. Persuasion is getting a person to do something out of their own free will, by making it enticing or appealing to ...view middle of the document...

When talking to a manager, persuading them may be along the lines of combining your desires with their job. If a manager’s job is to run a McDonald’s with low food and labor cost, and my goal is to leave early, an affective tactic may be explaining that there are too many people working for the volume of sales coming in, and that they would cut costs by sending me home, but also in a respectful way as they are still in charge. When talking to a peer often we know what their goal or job is, because it’s often the same as mine. So to persuade them maybe say something that would work on myself if they said it to me. To a challenging person persuasion may be much harder, because they will challenge anything I say simply to be challenging. Reverse physiology may be an effective tactic if they are determined to simply be challenging and difficult. To an open minded person maybe an honest genuine approach would be successful because they are willing to accept new thoughts and ideas without any other blocks.
Each person is different and has different desires, attributes, jobs, and goals. In order to be successful persuading them I must adapt to the way they are, instead of trying to force them to adapt to who I am.

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