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Call Express
Call Express is a call center firm which provides an answer or giving directions to the callers question.

OSH Program
1. Overview
Contains awareness and recognizes the health and safety issues including lifestyle-related disease, associated with outsourcing of work, and are promoting programs that will ensure the health and safety of workers in the industry.
2. Responsibility
Managers and employees each have specific responsibilities, which are described in this section. Fulfilling these responsibilities is a good way to establish due diligence.
2.1 CEOs:
* Providing a safe and healthful workplace.
* Establishing and maintaining a health and safety program.
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1 Duties
* Director – Receives and endorse regular occupational health and safety reports.
* Leader – Heads meetings, identifies objectives and review previous minutes and agenda.
* Members – Responsible for planning meetings, preparing and distributing minutes.
3.2 Monthly Meetings
The effectiveness and credibility of the committee depends on their ability to get results. Results can best be achieved by conducting effective meetings. The committee should review:
All meeting minutes from restaurants
Inspection reports from the local committees
Items that are ongoing problems in a specific location
3.3 Other Activities
Outside of health and safety meetings members need to:
Monitor ongoing health and safety procedures
Identify hazards through inspections and incident investigations
Investigate accidents and employee concerns
Recommend opportunities to improve conditions
* 4. Training
* The success of a well-developed safety program depends upon the effectiveness of training efforts. According to the Regulation, employees must be informed about potential hazards in the workplace and the safe work practices that they should follow to minimize risks.
* 4.1 Safety Training Policy
It is our policy to ensure that employee training is provided to enhance employee safety and meet regulatory training requirements.
Training Program Requirements
Good business practice and safety requirements dictate that each employee receives safety training:
At the initial orientation
When employees receive a change in job task or new responsibilities requiring new orientation
When employees are exposed to new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment
Whenever a new hazard is identified
* 4.2 Safe Work Practices
All employees must be trained in safe work practices. The following areas must be covered:
New employee safety orientation
General safety rules
Safe work practices and risks for specific areas
How to report workplace hazards and accidents

4.3 Health and Safety Orientation
Managers or supervisors are required to provide safety orientation to new employees or existing employees who are moving to a new position or a new worksite. Safety orientation may include the following:
Orientation and discussion of the company’s health and safety philosophy and employee safety responsibilities
Discussion and distribution of the health and safety employee training material and issues included
Discussion about safety policies as they relate to the employee’s work setting

4.4 Employee Safety Training
Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees who report to them understand the following:
An employee will not undertake a job before receiving instructions on how to perform it properly or before being authorized to perform the job.
Safety rules are a condition of employment and must be adhered to by each employee. Rule infractions will result in disciplinary...

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