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Released: 23-09-2013 Due: 23-10-2013 (Wednesday, 12.00 p.m.)

Literature Review Topic: Social influences on child development In this assignment, you will work in groups of 15 to produce a LITERATURE REVIEW on how disadvantageous social background could influence a child’s psychological development. Use the questions provided as a guide for writing a literature review. (A literature review often comprised of 3 main sections: Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) Here are some questions to guide you through the thinking process for your first ...view middle of the document...

What other possible reason(s) could have lead to similarity and/or differences observed in the studies that you have reviewed? You need to clearly explain how these other possible reason(s) could have influenced research outcome. Conclusion: What can you tell me now about the relationship between social background and child development? What do current studies in this field inform you about things that are happening in the world? What can you tell me about the methodologies used in this field of study? Why do you think those are good methodology(s)? How could future studies be improved? Why should we improve that aspect in future studies?

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