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Write A Business Report On Any Chosen Business

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This report has been compiled to propose the introduction of a database. The report considers the benefits to the company in terms of improving customer service and cutting the cost of errors. The report also considers benefits to customers as well as incorporating a more personalised approach to marketing our services and products to specific customers.

Executive Summary

Max Motors LTD is an automotive motor vehicle garage that repairs car and does MOT tests. As a business in the secondary sector we provide a list of services. Ever since the company opened we have gained a loyal customer base through word of mouth and a respectable reputation achieved ...view middle of the document...

Our biggest weakness of the company is the organization of information. Every form of information is recorded on paper by hand, for example: Customer details/ bookings, financial accounts information, personnel records, and vehicle and parts orders. Many times in the past valuable information has been lost and misinterpreted, resulting in a loss of money and loss of time. Over the past eight years, especially in the past four years, there has been a dramatic increase of automotive garages opening and operating in the city and in a three-mile radius from our location. Due to the desire to gain the most customers, our competitors have decreased their prices on MOT(s) and other services. Therefore there is a direct link between the numbers of competitors opening in the vicinity and our annual net profit and our customer base.

We have a perfect opportunity to use certain technology to our advantage, one of them is being to create and utilize a database for, organization and marketing purposes. As a business we need to use the resources available to us, in order to run as efficiently as possible. Not only to cut the cost of error but to find innovative ways to communicate and attract present and potential new customers. Max Motors LTD have to potential to be the most prominent and dominant automotive garage of it’s kind in the city. By making sure the foundations of this company are strong and every job, big or little is done perfectly and we can build for future success with a holistic approach. During and after this new transition, our goals will be review, measured and would be clearer to achieve.

Information on employees can be managed via a database. Payroll errors will be prevented and scheduling will be simplified. Information on the employees will be added to the database, for example: Salary, hourly wage, time off etc.


Meeting with managers
Customer database

Present Regime
Currently the process of booking and registering a customer to our system is firstly booking the date of the MOT/ service, name, address, car, contact number. This information is written by hand in a book. After the MOT/ service is complete, we record when the next MOT on that vehicle is due. Close when that vehicle is due for an MOT, we give the customer a reminder, that their car is due for a MOT.

Cost of present regime
Cust0omer do forget when their MOT is due. When reminded by us it is often too late for them to drive their car to the garage because they are uneligible to drive that vehicle. This leaves both parties frustrated. Two of our mechanics have to go pick their car. We insist to do this to keep the customers happy and retain them for the future, however in doing so, the company loses money on fuel and labour time. This situation occurs on average three times a month. (33 Times a year). This costs the company £660.00p per year.

Introduction of a customer database
The introduction of customer...

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