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Worldview Essay

1005 words - 5 pages

Eugene Hoem
Instructor: Mr. Todd Forrest

Worldview Essay
My worldview is my set of assumptions and beliefs, which helps me determine right from wrong, and helps me define how the world works. I understand a very few things in this world, yet here are two facts that I have come to accept after hard-earned personal experience: I was heavily influenced as a child by my family’s worldview and my experiences in the world forced me to develop my own worldview.
My worldview has been dramatically impacted by the sum of my experiences and has shaped all my beliefs. I have many and varied life experiences, including multiple jobs, I have interacted with thousands of people ...view middle of the document...

I also believe in love, that I am no good at practicing this but God has shown me His most precious gift in this world (His other great gift to mankind is salvation, yet I believe that is revealed after our bodies die on this plane).
I use my own worldview to make decisions on whether certain actions or ideas are right or wrong as defined by my personal moral code. One aspect of my life that has had a large impact on my worldview is the environment in which I was raised. At my family’s knee did I learn their view of the world and how the world works. Right versus wrong is decided by an individual and the influences one has had throughout life impact those decisions, such as seeing a thief caught and punished by the justice system. Maybe this thief suffers the same fate as a juvenile delinquent caught shoplifting at an early age, learning that stealing is wrong. Moral codes are further influenced by education and being exposed to God’s laws, philosophy, civics, and personal experiences.
It is only after developing a relationship with God through Christ that I was relieved of the power of addiction and know that I am human, yet worthy of Him. I am made in His image, not of it (thus I am human and not perfect, otherwise I would be a clone of God and I know not perfection). Through a deep spiritual experience, I was able to change my whole attitude towards life, my fellows, and God’s universe. (Anonymous, 2001, p 25) For the previous twenty years I drank alcoholically and these years and experiences shaped my worldview more than any other experiences in my life. I cheated, I stole, I fought, and I drank. I did, said, and became everything I swore growing up with an alcoholic father and grandparents that I would never say, do, or become. So there I was,...

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