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World War One Essay

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The first world war began in the year 1914. There are several factors believed to have triggered the war. The assassination of the Austrian archduke and his wife immediately triggered the war. He was assassinated by the Bosnian Gavrilo Princip an irredentist serb on 28th June 1914. The world war began on august the same year.

This event just triggered the war. The actual factors leading to the war are complicated. Some of this factors are:

Mutual defence alliances. Throughout Europe countries made alliances. The alliance in countries was to give each other help if needed. Thus if, a country is attacked, the allied countries were supposed to protect them. The alliances that existed ...view middle of the document...

Germans soon afterward introduced their own battleships.

In the year, 1904 britain gave morocco to france. The moroccans wanted to be independent. Germany in the year 1905, declared her support for Morocco. War was averted briefly by a conference. The conference allowed France to have Morocco. In the year 1911, the Germans also protested the french dominion over morocco. German was persuaded down when they were given part of french congo. Austria-Hungary took over former turkish province of bosnia in 1908. The serbian felt the province was theirs. Serbia then threatened Austria Hungary with war. Russia was allied to serbia. Russia mobilized its forces ready for war. Germans, on the other hand, was allied to Austria-Hungary who also mobilized its forces. Russia backed down avoiding the war.

Tensions increased over the territory in Balkans. Serbia and Russia competed with Austria-Hungary over the territory. This pulled the rest of their allies into the conflict.

The western did not know how long the war will take. They believed that the war will be short. The more time the war took, the more it depended on harnessing all natural resources by each country to provide supplies, support and the army.

During the early months the war on the western front was a war of manoeuvre. Germans attacked the north and met a small british and French forces. The Belgium army was also there. German was attacked by French in the south.

Both sides moved aggressively as they went through the enemy weakest points. German did not get any opposition from the Belgium. Germans committed some major atrocities. Germany and british met on august. The germans pushed the british back, but the british got the chance to destroy the germans.

The world war 1 was a modern war. The war was fought with machine guns, airplanes and tanks. The forces still fought the war as a 19th century w. The troops would match on open land and face machine guns. This led to implementation of a tactic known as trench warfare. Trench warfare had been used before world war one. This was during the Russo-Japanese war in the year 1904-1905. This war attracted the military personnel who were interested in learning a new technology used in war. Trench warfare was viewed as an effective tactic against enemy advancement. Thus, trench warfare was not effective as it was thought to be. It was really a traumatizing experience for most soldier. In September, a german commander ordered the digging of trenches to provide protection against the allied troops. The allies reached the trench and realized the line that the trench provided could not be broken. The allied troop realized that the germans were sheltered from fire. The allies soon started digging their own trenches. Thus, trench warfare began. Soon afterwards a network of trenches spread. There were different types of trenches support trenches, reserve trenches and line trenches also called the front trenchesThe trenches were build...

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