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Religion | Origin of All Things | Nature of God | View of Human Nature | View of Good and Evil | View of “Salvation” | View of After Life | Practices and Rituals | Celebrations and Festivals |
Week 2 Hinduism and Jainism | Ohm – an inert void of being and non being. From this void a desire was born to create beings. | God perceived in three ways. Brahman (residing everywhere) Antaryami (residing within) and Bhagavan (residing outside, beyond) | Karma – the moral law in which the cycle of birth-death-rebirth (reincarnation) takes place, giving opportunities to escape the limitations of life and death. | Doesn't recognize “sin” , views ...view middle of the document...

| Reaching Nirvana by following the Noble Eightfold Path. Right understanding, resolve, speech, action, occupation, effort, contemplation, and meditation. | Uses the Hindu belief of reincarnation and karma. Desire is what is keeping us bound to the earth and freeing oneself from desire leads to Nirvana. The extinction of all craving and allows one to become liberated. | The central practice is meditation. It is a way of mentally focusing or being mindful that is intended to help one lead to enlightenment. There are two types: samatha (tranquility) and vipassana (insight) | Mainly celebrates the life of Buddha or Bodhisattvas. Usually consists of visiting the local temple where one offers food to the monks, then later distributes food to the poor. |
Week 4 Daoism and Confucianism | The Dao is the origin of all things. | The Dao is not considered a deity, more like a force. It has no desires, created the universe but doesn't control it. | Human nature must be aligned with the rest of nature in order for harmony to result. Deviation from the natural order can bring destruction to themselves and those around them. | Doesn't believe in “good vs. evil” In labeling something good, one automatically creates evil. Every action performed has attributes of both. | Believes salvation is not necessary for there is nothing to be saved from. Belief in salvation leads to belief in damnation. | Doesn't exist for they believe in life we are eternal and the afterlife is within life itself. | Two types of rituals: funeral rites/ periodic rites on behalf on ancestors and rites on behalf of local communities. Both consists of rites to install the ritual space, rites of fasting, rites of comunication or offering, and rites to disperse the ritual space. | Usually varies from sect to sect or temples. |
Week 5 Shinto | The Kami in the beginning created a male and female that then gave birth to land, then the environment, then more Kami who became ancestors to the Japanese. | Shintoists worship the kami. They are elements in nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe, and spirits of the revered deceased. | Humans are part of the natural realm which is considered sacred. Pollution happens through normal acts with variables that threaten life (disease, death, etc..) Ones purpose is to maintain the pure and natural state of existance. | The basic idea that human beings and the world is good. Evil enters from outside via evil spirits. They effect human beings similar to disease. When humans act wrongly, they bring pollution and sin upon...

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