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World Reliogion Essay

895 words - 4 pages

|Sheet 33 – Consumer Purchase ComparisonPurpose: To research and evaluate brands and store services for purchase of a major consumer item.Instructions: When considering the purchase of a major consumer item, use ads, catalogs, the World Wide Web, store visits and other sources to obtain the information below.|||

Exact description (size, model, features, etc.)
Research the item in consumer periodicals with information regarding your product

What buying suggestions are presented in the articles?
Which brands are recommended in these articles? Why?
Contact or visit two or three stores that sell ...view middle of the document...

Oil changes|||
Cost of regular oil changes during the year|$|40.00|
Cost of tires purchased during the year|$|400.00|
Cost of planned or other expected maintenance|$|400.00|
Parking and tolls|||
Regular fees for parking and highway toll charges|$|20.00|
Total Variable Costs| |$|1672.50|
Total costs|$13547.50|
Divided by miles per year|13000|
Equals cost per mile|$1.04|

(*This estimate of vehicle depreciation is based on a straight-line approach–equal depreciation year; a more realistic approach would be larger amounts in the early years ownership, such as 25-30% in the first year, 30-35% in the second; most cars lose 90 percent of their value by the time they are seven years old.)

|Sheet 41 – Renting vs. Buying HousingPurpose: To compare cost of renting and buying your place of residence.Instructions: Obtain estimates for comparable housing units for the data requested below.|||

Rental costs|||
Annual rent payments (monthly rent $ __485_____ X 12)|$|5820|
Renter’s insurance|$|220|
Interest lost on security deposit|$|0|
(deposit times after-tax savings acct. interest rate)|||
Total Annual Cost of Renting||$|6040|
Buying costs|||
Annual mortgage payments|$|14400|
Property taxes (annual costs)|$|2916.00|
Homeowner’s insurance (annual premium)|$|400.00|
Estimated maintenance and repairs|$|169.00|
After-tax interest lost because of down payment and closing costs|$||
Less: financial benefits of home ownership|||
Growth in equity|$-||
Tax savings for mortgage interest|$-||
(annual mortgage interest times tax rate)|||
Tax savings for property taxes|$-||
(annual property taxes times tax rate)|||
Estimated annual depreciation|$-||
Total Annual Cost of Buying||$||

|Sheet 43 – Housing Affordability and Mortgage QualificationPurpose: To estimate the amount of affordable mortgage payment, mortgage amount, and home purchase price.Instructions: Enter the amounts requested, and perform the required calculations.|||

Step 1|||
Determine your monthly gross income (annual income divided by 12)|$|600|

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