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World History Essay

293 words - 2 pages

Makiyah Mcgruder
Mr. Stevens
World history
9th grade 3/3/14
The Armenian Genocide Part 1

The Armenian genocide went on for nearly an Olympiad. More than 1.2 million Armenian people were killed in Turkey from the year 1914 to 1918. The Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turkish government, to terminate the racial, religious minority. This was the first of many genocides of the 20th century. The men were shot and killed. Women and children ...view middle of the document...

Who/What Involvement in Event (may include their action or response to event) |Involvement in Event (may include their action or response to event|
Leaders – Who was responsible (leaders or government) for the event taking place? |The government was responsible for the even taking place. |
Casualties – Which group(s) was targeted in this event? |The Armenian people were targeted in this event. |
Opposition Did anyone oppose or try to prevent this event (may be within the nation or another government opposing the event)? What did the opposition do to prevent/stop the event? |Not really, based on the information I was provided with the genocide ended because the Armenians beat the Turkish in the battle of Sardarabad ending the genocide. |
Supporters – Who supported or helped to carry out the government orders? What did the supporters do to carry out the event? |The Young Turks supported this event. |
Technology – How did technology enable the events to take place?|Their were to major technologies that helped the event take place and that was the telegram and trains. The telegram aloud the Ottoman Empire to send personal messages to each other. The trains aloud to transport Armenian deportees:) |

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