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World Class IT:
World class IT is a level of excellence that Information Technology department earns when its operation meets most of the objectives it set out to perform in the business. Therefore, world class IT is a combination of many factors: the effectiveness of technology in providing customer service and increasing sales; the understanding of IT personnel of the actual business objectives; and facilitation of an efficient communication system among various corporate departments and suppliers. World class IT can be different from one company to another. What works for a small business as world class IT department might be an inferior IT performance for a large ...view middle of the document...

Outsourcing these skills to external partners would be more efficient. Another example, for a small business of 5-8 employees, outsourcing purchasing function will not make sense if one or two current employees can perform such a function with minimal conflicts. Therefore, a bona fide assessment of the company’s need for outsourcing must take place. Such assessment will determine if the company would benefit or waste the outsourcing expense. While outsourcing can be determined as a viable solution to the company’s goals, the external partner must meet the parent’s business goals for the outsourcing to be successful. It follows that for the outsourcing to be successful; the outsourcing company has to follow business sense steps to deliver the needed goals. These steps are: First: Have an IT member learn the actual business operation. Second: This member can mentor the outsourcing company with the parent’s business operation. Third: Set up success measures that assure that the operation is running as required. Fourth: insists that the external partner delivers value to the parent’s company not just hours spent on the project. It is worth to mention that outsourcing company must have the same goals with the parent’s company as far as the project concerned. It must deliver the final project based on how much value the parent’s company will benefit from it. The premise should be if no value delivered to the company means the failure of the outsourced company to meet its obligation. Therefore, paying the outsourcing company based on success measures and value to the company ensures that the objectives have been met. That is why it is extremely crucial to research and negotiate the company’s goals and objectives and communicate them to the...

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