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This workshop is a follow-up of the workshop in which you developed your proposal. Now you
have the major task ahead of fully analysing the data you brought with you from the field and
writing your research report. The report should contain feasible and useful recommendations,
based on the findings of your study concerning how to solve the problem investigated.
As in the first workshop there will be presentations, group work sessions and a few plenaries. In
this workshop, however, group work will take up most of the time. The presentations will be
concentrated in the first week, which will be devoted to data analysis. The second week will be
fully reserved for report writing, with ...view middle of the document...

You therefore have to ask yourself the following questions:
 Have the data been sorted appropriately? Have questionnaires and checklists been
numbered in the most convenient way? Can major categories of informants (e.g., m/f,
cases and controls) be clearly distinguished to facilitate comparison on relevant variables,
as required by your research objectives?
 Have quality checks been performed on all data for completeness and consistency of
information? Look at Module 13 for measures to be taken in case of incompleteness and/or
 Have all data been entered in the computer or, if using master sheets, have all data been
filled? Do the total number of responses match with the total number of respondents for
each variable? If not: have some unknowns or missing data been overlooked?
 Has all qualitative data been categorised as far as possible? If applicable, has coding been
completed? (See Module 13 for post-categorising of open-ended questions.) Have FGDs
been carefully read and ordered according to the discussion topics? Have particularly
illustrative parts in relation to the research objectives or research questions been
highlighted? Since for qualitative data the collection, ordering, summarising and analysis are,
in principle, intertwined (see module 10C), you will already have coded and interpreted a large
part of your qualitative data. Module 23 will take the analysis of qualitative data up in detail.
 If you used the computer to process your data, check the frequency counts for each
variable in the questionnaire. Also check the computer cross-tabulations. Details on how
to do this are given in Annex 21.1.
Before reviewing the data processing procedures it is strongly advised that you make an
INVENTORY of all data available for each OBJECTIVE. This is especially important if the data
required has been collected using different data collection tools.
Data sources for Objective 3: ‘Detection of weaknesses in the functioning of MCH services,
explaining low utilisation of delivery care:’
 Questionnaire for mothers, Questions 12, 15 - 19, 23
 Focus group discussion with health staff, topics 3 and 4
 Observations included in checklists
Such an inventory will help you to better organise data analysis and, later, report writing

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