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Worksheet Essay

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Financial Environments Worksheet
Michelle Ford
June 16, 2014
Robert Adams

Financial Environments Worksheet

In the first section, identify three specific HEALTHCARE organizations within each of the for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments. For the second and third sections of the worksheet you should focus ONLY on the three environments NOT the specific organizations. In the second section, compare the similarities of financial structures, practices and policies in healthcare organizations regardless of the financial environments. In the third section, contrast the differences of financial structures, practices and ...view middle of the document...

) |3.Tarrant County Health and Human services |
|Similarities of |All give medical care |
|Environments |Employees staff that has the same training and ethical methods. |
|(Not the |They all generate a revenue of some type |
|Organizations) |All are governed by either shareholders or a board of directors |
|(USE BULLETTED |All of them have the same regulations across the board |
|INFO) | |
|Differences | | | |
|between |These hospitals generate funds via stock options |Reports to trustees or board |Has different legal rules applied to them |
|Environments |They all...

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