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Background: Jessica and Alan have been working alongside one another for many years at the local newspaper. As their existing manager leaves the company, Alan is promoted, but still shares an office with the team, of which he used to be a member. Tensions arise when Alan decides to introduce a new policy, which makes little sense to the rest of the team and is likely to increase their already heavy workload.
Working at the newspaper for the longest period of time, Jessica has seen what initiatives worked well and what tended to cause problems. She was convinced that the new policy would fail, as well as increasing everybody’s individual workload. It was clear that the policy was ...view middle of the document...

For this reason the biggest challenge was to identify the “spark” that ignited the disagreement and decipher the most appropriate way of resolving the conflict, so that they could regain their previous friendship.

Q, How to avoid such work related conflict?
Q. Which of the conflict management style work best in this case? And how explain?
Q. Find a common ground which they can both agree on?
Q. Spot the way to get them working together as a team again?


Q1: Work related conflict can be avoided in the given scenario by adopting following strategies or tactics:

1. Effective Communication of the Change:
In the given circumstances, Allen should disseminate the new policy to his team members effectively by specifying them the benefits of the policy that will accrue to the organization and ultimately to each and every employee of the Company. Recognizing the enormous workload of his team members, Allan should highlight the importance of the efforts of his team in contributing towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization and how the new policy will make a positive impact on this.

2. Acknowledge difference of opinion:
One should respect difference of opinions with his / her colleague. Differences shall be embraced and they should not be afraid of. One should actively listen to others’ point of view and acknowledge their concerns. One should put his / her self in the other person’s shoes to
understand the problems of the other person.

3. Communicate Respectfully:
To avoid any instance of conflict at workplace, one should treat his / her colleagues with respect and should request them for their cooperation in carrying out the assigned tasks effectively and efficiently to achieve individual goals and objectives and that of the organization, as a whole. One should appreciate the efforts of his team and especially when the team is under immense workload as in the given scenario.


In the given scenario, Collaborating style of conflict management is most suitable due to following characteristics:
 It focuses on both organizational goals and work relations  It considers the problem as beneficial and as an...

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