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Work Life Balance Essay

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Research Topic: Work-life balance

Bryson, L, Warner-Smith, P, Brown, P & Fray, L 2007, Managing the work-life roller-coaster, Science & Medicine, vol 65, pp 1142-1153.

In the article “Managing the work-life roller-coaster,” Bryson, Warner-Smith, Brown and Fray state that the challenges of finding a work-life balance has had a greater impact on the women in today’s society, and they may be more exposed to stress related health issues as a result of this. Time issues have been the focus rather than the potential health related effects that the stress of managing these time issues could have. With longer working ...view middle of the document...

Different circumstances, such as class, country you live in, industry you work in, even gender, affect the level of pressure, however, the potential health implications are the same. Studies have shown that the lack of control surrounding time management, and therefore lack of life satisfaction, is a major contributor to increasing stress levels regardless of the cause. Strategies for gaining better control are also examined with the thought that there will be less pressure if life is more “manageable and predictable”. The results of the authors’ research seems to be that people need to determine what they can change to ease the stress in their lives, whether it is through better time management, third party assistance around the home or delegating tasks to colleagues or family members, in order to gain more control and satisfaction in their lives.

The authors conclude by saying that time issues are not the primary drivers for stress related health problems amongst Australian women. It is more about the control, or lack of control, they have in relation to balancing their work and their home lives. Further research is planned to assess time issues and stress levels with a focus on the effects of tiredness as an additional factor with regard to potential health issues faced by women today.

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