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First discuss how energy can be converted from one form to another, giving specific examples.
All forms of energy can be converted to another form of. For example: “A pendulum is an object, called a bob, suspended by a string or wire for support. If the bob is moved to one side and then released, it will swing back and forth in an arc. At that moment the bob reaches the top of its swing, it stops for an instant, then begins another swing. At that instant of stopping, the bob has 100 percent potential energy and no kinetic energy. As the bob starts back down through the swing, it is gaining kinetic energy and losing potential energy. At the instant the bob is at the bottom of the swing, it ...view middle of the document...

Moving Water
Moving Water is considered to be a renewable energy source, unlimited as long as it rains. Moving water has been an energy source for thousands of years. Hydroelectric plants generate about 3 percent of the United States’ total energy consumption at about 2,400 power-generating damns across the nation. Hydropower furnished about 40 percent of the United States electric power in 1940. Today, dams furnished 9 percent of the electric power. Energy consumption has increased, but hydropower production has not kept pace because geography limits the number of sites that can be built. (Integrated Science, pg. 67)
Water from a reservoir is conducted through large pipes called penstocks to a powerhouse, where it is directed against turbine blades that turn a shaft on an electric generator. (Integrated Science, pg. 67)
Nuclear energy is the form of energy from reactions involving the nucleus, the innermost part of an atom. Nuclear power plants have been using nuclear energy to produce electricity for centuries. Energy is released as the nuclei of uranium and plutonium atoms split, or undergo fission. The fissioning takes...

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