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Work Essay

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Unit 1 Exercise 1
Freestyle #1
My favorite movie is the hunger games because of its fresh ideas and storyline. The movie was about a place were 12 districts fighting to the death. Each district has to offer 2 people one boy and one girl from ages 12-18 to represent there district. When chosen, they are sent to the capital of the 12 districts where the will train for two weeks before the hunger game. Once the ...view middle of the document...

The dome is as big as a small city made into a forest and the hunger games last till they is only one victor. If the victor wins they are giving money and food forever then they become mentors for their district. But this hunger game two people from district 12 became victors because of there would have been no victors because they were going to kill them self’s which was very bad to the public eye.
Freestyle #2
My other favorite movie is the wolf of Wall Street. It’s about a middle-class, Queens-raised Belfort tried and failed to establish himself on Wall Street he worked at a blue chip firm, under the wing of a grinning sleaze ball. but got laid off in the market crash of 1987. He reinvented himself on Long Island by taking over a penny stock boiler room and giving it an old money name, Stratton Oakmont, to gain the confidence of middle and working class investors. The firm employed over 1000 stock brokers and was involved in stock issues totaling more than $1 billion. But at the end of the movie he ended up get caught by the feds because the firm was not really selling anything but taking people’s money.

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