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Word Documents Essay

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BMW is the ultimate driving machine. Manufactured by
the German company, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,
BMW stands for both performance and luxury. The company
was founded in 1916 as an aircraft-engine manufacturer
and produced engines during World War I and World
War II. It evolved into a motorcycle and automobile maker
by the mid-20th century, and today it is an internationally
respected company and brand with €53 billion (about
$76 billion) in revenues in 2008.
BMW’s logo is one of the most distinct and globally
recognized ever created. The signature BMW roundel
looks like a spinning propeller blade set against a blue sky
background—originally thought to be a tribute to the
company’s ...view middle of the document...

In 2006, HSBC launched a global campaign entitled
“Different Values,” which embraced this exact notion of
multiple viewpoints and different interpretations. Print ads
showed the same picture three times with a different
interpretation in each. For example, an old classic car
appeared three times with the words, freedom, status
symbol, and polluter. Next to the picture reads, “The more
you look at the world, the more you realize that what one
person values may be different from the next.” In another
set of print ads, HSBC used three different pictures side
by side but with the same word. For example, the word
accomplishment is first shown on a picture of a woman
winning a beauty pageant, then an astronaut walking on
the moon, and finally a young child tying his sneaker. The
copy reads, “The more you look at the world, the more
you realize what really matters to people.” Tracy Britton,
head of marketing for HSBC Bank, USA, explained the
strategy behind the campaign, “It encapsulates our global
outlook that acknowledges and respects that people
value things in very different ways. HSBC’s global footprint
gives us the insight and the opportunity not only to be
comfortable, but confident in helping people with different
values achieve what’s really important to them.”
HSBC earned $142 billion in sales in 2009, making it
the 21st largest company in the world. It hopes its latest
campaign and continued position as the “World’s Local
Bank” will improve its $10.5 billion brand value, which
placed it 32nd on the 2009 Interbrand/BusinessWeek
global brand rankings.
1. What are the risks and benefits of HSBC’s positioning
itself as the “World’s Local Bank”?
2. Does HSBC’s most recent campaign resonate with its
target audience? Why or why not?
Sources: Carrick Mollenkamp, “HSBC Stumbles in Bid to Become Global Deal Maker,”Wall Street
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Enters the Global Branding Big League,” Bank Marketing International (August 2003): 1–2;
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"" Douglas Quenqua, “HSBC Dominates Ad Pages in New York Magazine Issue.”
New York Times, October 20, 2008, pg. B.6; Kimia M. Ansari, “A Different Point of View: HSBC.”
Unbound Edition, July 10, 2009; Press release, “The...

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