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Family of Woodstock, Inc.
November 14, 2014

Family of Woodstock is a place where teens and adults are assisted in many ways. I am an interviewee for the upcoming position here at Family of Woodstock and I would like you to be aware of my knowledge and to let you know why I applied. I am a person that is really interesting in helping other people and that is the reason why I am graduating with a degree in human service. After reading and learning about the facts of Family of Woodstock, I became very interested in the working for the organization as I would like to take part of the people helping the young adults by providing my knowledge and skills.
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The 24 hour hotline was established back in 1970 and there have been changes since then. Now people that need assistance with drug abuse are able to call the line for assistance. Then there are medical services established as well as the free store. Serious issues that have become large in society have been issues that the Family of Woodstock has tried to help and offer services. From emergency housing, to domestic violence, to helping teen runaways, the homeless, and walk in centers, family of Woodstock does meet and is still meeting the needs of Ulster county.
The beliefs and values began when Family of Woodstock decided to help the young people that were coming to the little town looking for help. There were people in that town that belived that it was not their problem to help those in need but there were also many volunteers that decided to help and that is how Family of Woodstock came together. The belief in those volunteers is what made Family of Woodstock. Soft Landing Machine was the first main volunteer group which helped those consuming drugs. Those volunteers took time to talk to the people in need and spent some time with them to understand what they were going through. Today, the volunteers and employees are what make Family of Woodstock, with the diverse backgrounds, experience and interests but one thing is for sure they share common values.
Human services share a common goal and value and that’s helping to improve one’s life, rather its...

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