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Women Suffrage Essay

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Women suffrage in America came at a time when the nation was deeply plunged in late 1800s. Passionate suffragists; Elizabeth Cady and Susan Anthony came out strongly to form the National Woman Suffrage Association to champion for the right of women to vote and hold public office in the late nineteenth century. Though women were oppressed of their rights to vote and shut out of what was considered male dominated white collar offices, they have made great strides in various fields in the recent years and have rose to high positions of power. From the first pioneers who engineered the Nineteenth Amendment of the American Constitution thereby by granting their fellow women the right to vote and ...view middle of the document...

  She pinpoints a preamble of the Federal Constitution:
We, the people of the United States, in order to form a  more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America[1]
This excerpt from the constitution clearly explains the ‘we’ that she persistently bases her argument on as not only the whites of America but also the American Blacks, not only the male citizens of America but also the females were involved in the formation of this binding words. The unbiased decision for the formation of the constitution should be equated to equal rights for all American citizens. She further argues denying anybody the right to vote on an ex facto technicality is a violation of the same posterity we seek to achieve as a nation and it is a mockery to women’s rights as citizens of America by denial of exercising of the same through the ballot that was meant for all. Common stereotyping in the United States is a depiction of an oligarchy administration where the poor are governed by the rich, the ignorant are ruled by the educated and therefore it thus follows with sex assertions that the woman should be submissive and ever under the man in society. It is though against societal norms to argue on the basis of the white women’s votes could be used to neutralize black votes those that were awarded to them after very many eons of oppression. In this stance, the women suffragists lost their momentum in the fight for the right to vote with the argument that they would rather strip the Blacks right to vote and award it to them; it was a true picture of how Susan herself had made a very tenacious gravely wrong mistake. Historians like Webster, Worcester and Bouvier are reckoned in defining “citizen as any person in the United States entitled to vote and hold office[2] their words is a true explanation of women as citizens hence it will be discrimination against them just like the how Negroes were disliked in society back then and even the National Woman Suffrage Association at one time fought against them.
In the early nineteenth century, a feminist Jane Addams who believed that women had the right to vote published an article in the Ladies Home Journal debating on “Why women should vote[3]. Her argument was based on the belief that the woman’s place was the in home keeping and guidance of children into responsible adult citizens. The fact that women continue to fail in fulfilling their obligations thrust upon them in society is based on they are not proactively involved in the setting of societal values that are the backbone of the task of home building because they fail to understand that as society continues to develop and grow, the responsibility forcefully vested upon them as home builders also in equal measure and continuously...

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