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Women’s Position In Stories Essay

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Jowdat Kassis
Prof. Rhoda Stamell, Eng 1010
November 16, 2009
Women’s Position in Stories
A folk tale is a short story that comes from the oral tradition.  Folk tales often have to do with everyday life and frequently tell an inspiring tale of the lower class (peasants) triumphing over the higher class (nobles). In their original versions, most folk tales are not children's stories because of the violent nature of the story. Most folk tales come from true stories with tragic endings or violent and horrific events. For example, the “humpty dumpty” story was about a man who tried to commit suicide several times and succeed at the end. Also the “little red riding hood” story masked the ...view middle of the document...

These stories differ in many ways. What really differs more in all three stories is the glass slipper. The prince is looking for Cinderella in all three stories and has a slipper to match the real Cinderella. In “Ash Girl”, Cinderella’s heels and toes were chopped off by her step mother when the prince comes around with Cinderella‘s lost slipper. In “The little glass slipper” tale, Cinderella is offered a chance to wear the slipper and also pulls out the other slipper she has to match the pair and prove she is the women at the ball. The fairy godmother then again turns her clothes to being magnificent and fabulous in “The little glass slipper”. In “Disney’s Cinderella” tale, Cinderella was forced not to see the prince until her animal friends helped Cinderella get a chance to try the slipper. Evil as the stepmother is, she purposely broke the glass slipper ending all hopes of Cinderella trying it on. Cinderella in a shocking surprise pulled out the other glass slipper she had and put it on. The glass slipper in the “little glass slipper” and “Disney’s Cinderella” was an element of magic. Unlike the other two tales, in the “Ash Girl” tale Cinderella isn’t helpless and has the choice to change her life. In “Ash Girl”, Cinderella isn’t rescued by a prince and is not about being magically transported away from her troubles. There isn’t such magic portrayed as in the other two tales.
In all three stories the characters differ in several ways as well. In “Ash Girl”, the stepmother isn’t evil. The stepmother did chop off Cinderella’s toes and heels, but the stepmother’s heels and toes were also chopped off by her mother. In “Ash Girl” Cinderella is depressed and has low self confidence. Cinderella didn’t want to go to the ball when her stepmother told her and wasn’t so happy dancing with the prince. The Prince himself in “Ash Girl” was a foreigner who was exiled. The prince though in the other two tales was a prince of the land and was forced to find a wife. Cinderella’s father was dead which showed fears of incest. Unlike “Ash Girl” tale, the “The little glass slipper” tale is almost opposite in characters. The stepmother was evil and forced Cinderella to carry a huge burden. Cinderella’s father was present and over run by the stepmother because she was more sexually dominant. In protecting her position and not to let Cinderella form a relationship with her Father because of her beauty, Cinderella was looked down upon. Mistreated and forced into hard physical labor still left Cinderella positive, happy, and gain self esteem. The fairy...

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