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Women On Board Essay

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Same as the other commercial advertisement, public service advertisement aims to deliver some kinds of information to the public in a short time. The reason why it is so attractive is not only the vocabulary or the grammar, but also the adoption of figures of speech, which implies some new meanings on the original idea that are lively and vivid, in order to leave a deep impression to people. There are some common figures of speech that PSA generally adopts. \
The article will stands on the point of view of rhetoric, discussing the PSA language, and mainly on the application of the figures of speech on PSA.

To some extent, every object in the world exists with its unique characteristics ...view middle of the document...

For an instance, the Thailand Population and Community Development Association’s advertising that every pair of couple is only allowed to have two children by using a slogan ‘Stop at two’. And the back cover of the advertisement shows that Churchill posting a ‘V’ gesture with forefinger and middle finger and ‘V’ stands for success. Therefore, people will be thinking in a way that, having two children is success. The photo spreads widely and people now understand the importance of birth control. The organizer of the advertisement uses puns to show his/ her objective easily and meaningfully, leaves a deep impression to the audience. For another example, a safe driving slogan “Better late than the late” is imitating the structure of an English idiom “Better late than never”. It is interesting to point out the dual meanings of the word “late”. “late” stands for being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time, and we also use “late” when you are talking about someone who is dead, especially someone who has died recently. The slogan is meaningful and imitating the familiar idiom delivers great information to audience. “The drive rise safer when the road is dry; the road is safer when the drive rise dry.” This traffic slogan reminds people “if the road is dry, and the driver doesn’t drink, all the drivers will be much safer.” Here, the “dry” is the pun that refers to the road as well as the drivers. Furthermore, the slogan uses comparison and rhyme in order to make it smoother and memorable.

Comparison is a common phenomenon of the objectives in the world. It reflects a relation of the contrasting objectives very well, as well as the outstanding performance of the technique of expression. It plays a vita role in performing the nature and character of the objectives straightly. By using different kinds of objectives to contrast or compare each other and stand out. The measure of comparison, not...

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