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Women In The Australian Colonies: Essay

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Women in the Australian colonies:

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Women in Australia colonies
Port Philip grew at an amazing rate in the 1830s when free settlers and female convicts were sent to Victoria to respond to the labor shortage. Women were outnumbered by men with a ration 1 to seven respectively. Women were the small population and were the most vulnerable proportion of the whole population. Initially, the majority of women were unmarried free settlers. There was a great demand for single women to serve as house servants, and the government covered the travel expenses to Victoria with families or married couples. . However, the free ...view middle of the document...

The next group was made of military wives who were given the role of policing the convicts. The third group was made of free settlers that were lured by opportunity and freedom in a new country Australia could offer them. Women became a hardworking and influential part in the colony of Australia. In addition, there were indigenous Australians female convicts such as Torres Strait Islander and other Aboriginals whose lives were changed by colonist’s arrival.
As the government encouraged the migration of young single women and married couples, other immigrant women followed the lives of their husbands and fathers led. The pioneer selections as wives drovers and squatters created and shaped Australia’s rural towns just like men, managing homes, working alongside, educating families and raising kids. Life in the colonial meant that even the high-class women had to embrace hard work and physical labor that they were not prepared. Women of the social standing class found themselves in brutal and harsh surrounds of outback Australia where they had to struggle to build their lives and those of their families.
A man’s country
According to Alford, Katrina, from the start, the women had three roles: indentured worker, whore, wife/mistress, or both. Construction of these entire roles started from the First Fleet voyages as Women were taken as whores. In the beginning, the conditions of the new colony were conducive to turning women convicts to sex objects for men: marines, officers, and convicts. Besides receiving or giving sexual favors, they had to work as servants and laborers for the officers under harsh and backbreaking conditions. Very of them that managed to start families with their fellow convicts. Some people think that the founding mothers of Australia were prostitutes. Unquestionably, some were whores, and others became whores to survive by trading sexual services. What is evident is that there is no woman who was transported to do prostitution because it was not a transportable offense. More than 80% of women...

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