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Women In Asia And Globalization Essay

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Globalization can be defined as the global integration of different worldviews, economic outlook, cultural values, and in many cases vast exploitation of workers. Women of color and women of the Third World are highly subject to globalization and the exploitation it causes. Women in Asia are greatly affected by Globalization, both politically and economically. We see in many cases in Asia how this occurs such as, corporations’ exploitation of women, challenges for the women’s movement, and the issue of sex workers and foreign brides.
With the issue of exploitation of workers in corporations it becomes clear that Globalization is a huge factor in the livelihood of women in these countries. ...view middle of the document...

Sex trafficking remains a big issue in Malaysia. Studies from nongovernmental organizations have shown women from Malaysia are being exported to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia (Ariffin32). Hundreds of girls have been reported missing because of sex trafficking and it is a global issue.
When referring to working conditions and the type of jobs women in Asia are taking on they are subject to miserable conditions. In China they set up huge factories to house many workers, mainly women, to work long hours in harsh working conditions. We see this when watching the documentary, “Mardi Gras: Made in China.” In this film we are shown how globalization has impacted women because bead production had been outsourced to China for the popular holiday in New Orleans. In New Orleans a film crew went around to different people asking them if they knew where the beads they were wearing were from or who was making them, most people did not have a clue and some said they did not care. In China we see how the girls making these beads have been living their lives in such bad conditions all in order to send money home to their families. The money they make is around ten cents an hour. The factory owners feel like they can exploit these girls because they feel as if women are more controllable and will not fight back, in this instance 95% of the workers are females and only 5% are males. The girls working at the bead factory often are the main provider for their family and they have people who depend on them so they are therefore forced into working these types of jobs. The owner of the factory says if the workers do not produce what is expected of them, which is very hard to attain, that their pay will be deducted. Many are uneducated and left school to move to the factory in order to work and make money for their family. One girl said she is only doing this job so her little brother can have a life full of promise and dreams that she will never have. This film clearly depicts the exploitative aspects of globalization.
In recent years in China there has been challenges as well as opportunities for the woman’s movement. Three forces according to Zhang and Hsiung have shaped the contemporary women’s movement in China, the socialist legacy, economic and...

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