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Women Essay

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Women Weight Loss Promotion
Transitioning between the different trends is like a new driver trying to learn how to drive a stick shift. In the United States women have a fear of not looking their best or in style. As a result women turn to magazines to keep themselves updated on the latest fashion. Throughout America having a fit and slim body has been a popular trend. Magazines advertise dietary supplements and workouts to help encourage women to look thinner and get in better shape.
Magazines pull women in when women see weight loss supplements that are said to work. Women who are trying to achieve the body that is in style might pay more attention to an ad in the magazine other than ...view middle of the document...

When a reader feels emotional about what they read or saw in an advertisement the reader will know that advertisers put it there to get that certain reaction from them.
An example of an ad that is promoting weight loss is an ad for the weight loss supplement called JetFule. In this ad a picture of a woman who is wearing spandex and a sports bra is present. Her legs and her abs show in the picture, and they look as if they have good muscle definition. She is also holding a kettle bell in the picture. A kettle bell is a piece of equipment that one uses while working out. The kettle bell shows that work has to be done to get the body that she has. The ad also says “The Well-Defined Woman Selects JetFule.” This is saying that if someone is well-defined or wish to be well-defined then this product will be chosen.
JetFule uses the woman in their ad to catch the attention of female readers to show what kind of body that they can have if they used their product. However, with the kettle bell in the picture, it says that one must work out in order to get the results that are wanted.
In the journal “Quality of Life Research” “Weight loss is associated with dramatic improvement in self-reported energy levels and an enhancement in ones ability to perform daily activities”(277).This journal article proves that when there are higher levels of energy and one has the ability to do everyday tasks, it has an impact on weight loss.
Understanding that exercise is need to help weight loss should be known. However, many people rely on the weight loss supplements to help weight loss without adding exercise. Exercise will help burn off fat and when exercise and a weight loss supplements are combined, wanted results will appear. The JetFuel advertisement makes readers aware that exercise must be involved by making the kettle bell present in the ad.
Also, around the bottles of each type of Jetfuel pills, are different background pictures to describe what each pill does. For example, around the “superburn” pill bottle a background that looks like fire, represents the burning of fat. And around the “AQX” pill bottle, a water background is present to represent getting rid of excess water weight. The ad shows the different types of supplements that can be taken so that possibly one of them will target what the consumer wants and is looking for. According to Sofia Bratu, a student at SpiruHaret University claims, “When persuasive appeals are covert and audiences are unwary, they can be manipulated or deceived by hidden consumption cues, and focuses on the hidden persuasions of product placement” (333).
Another product that tries to achieve the same goals is a product called FitMiss. In this magazine ad the name of the product is in the colors black and pink. The color pink is put there to target the women because it’s more of a feminine color. The general stereotype for girls is that their favorite color is pink. This is to draw the attention of women as soon...

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