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Wireless Network Proposal Essay

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Party Plates is a strong company with a great potential to grow in the market. In order to grow in the current market, Party Plates needs to continue to make technological advances. Through the increase in technology in the work place we can boost communications and cut costs. A great option for Party Plates to increase technology is to start utilizing wireless technologies.
Personal Area Networks (PAN)
PAN deals with short –range wireless networks. The main use for this technology is to eliminate cables connecting devices to peripherals. Usually, PAN include cordless products and Bluetooth. Wireless technology frees up floor space. With Bluetooth capability the company can wirelessly ...view middle of the document...

• Connection (dead spots)
o A handheld GPS may not work right when operated inside a car. The car is basically a block of metal that surrounds you when you’re in it.
o Satellite navigators may not work inside buildings. The handheld-GPS-in-a-car scenario is quite similar to this one.
o Electromagnetic interference may give you a hard time. Electromagnetic interference comes from a variety of devices like laptop or desktops computers, microwave oven, refrigerators, and pretty much everything else that are run by electricity (Dead spots, n.d.).
As with all things, there are a few risks to be considered with wireless networking. The first risk is the potential threat to security. Since the information is transferred wirelessly, there is always the possibility that someone could intercept it. Another risk is potential malfunctions or network issues. With all of our equipment being networked wirelessly, if the network goes down so will all of our functions. That would render our associates basically useless.
Party Plates is in a great position to grow within the market. ...

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