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Wining Isn't Everything, Is The Only Thing

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Have you ever feel happy and proud when you don’t win something? Probably not. People doesn’t like losing. A lot of people, when they lose, say that the important reasons were having fun and competing. They are lying. You feel disappointed and angry. As a matter of fact you are not happy just playing, because you could play whenever you want, you need to win. Let’s face it, competition is natural, without it we would be mediocre and we would not get better ever.

You never finish satisfied when you lose. Nobody wants to lose. You never go to a competition saying “I don’t want to ...view middle of the document...

Imagine if nobody wanted to win. You won’t even practice, you would not have the desire to be better, and furthermore you would not have anything to fight for. In your life you will compete eventually, at school grades, at college admissions, at job opportunities, you will always find competition. It doesn´t mean that competition is bad, it’s probably bad if you give it too much importance, but normally it’s good. As they say “No Pain, No Gain”.

You are not happy just competing, moreover you need to win! Participating in a competition its fun. But you are not entirely happy if you don’t win it. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. If you don’t win, after the competition you would not be happy, even though you were far from winning you still dreamed or imagined yourself winning. If you don’t win probably the next time you would try harder, or practice for being better, that’s because you were not happy with the results of the competition. “If you are not first, you are last”.

People don’t like losing. When you lose you are not satisfied with yourself, moreover you are disappointed. Competition is what makes us outstand from everyone else, it makes us feel special and better than others. And let’s face it, you are not happy just competing, that’s a lie, you need to win for being proud of yourself. As 50 cent said “Win, or die trying”.

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