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The industrialization and development of our societies have caused major problems for us and our environment. Advances in areas such as energy and technology have obviously been a huge help in accomplishing everyday tasks, but this convenience has come at a high price. Many humans, in addition to our environment, have suffered terribly because of the effects of these advances. There are billions of people around the world that are living in poverty, without a steady supply of food or water to live off and no resources to live a clean, healthy life. Our environment is severely polluted and global warming is becoming a bigger and bigger problem everyday. It is in question whether or not the ...view middle of the document...

The next section takes a look at what would happen if we switch to more green policies. This scenario says that we must move toward sustainable development, meaning that we will be able to meet our needs while still making sure that future generations will also be able to meet their needs, and a greener economy. In short, this shift would do wonders for our economy and “slow resource depletion and helps to restore resources to sustainable levels.” (Seitz, 2012, p.238)
Both of those scenarios are very plausible, but it’s hard to say what human nature will permit. I think that the “Business As Usual” will be the scenario that ends up panning on for the future. It all comes down to the greediness of human nature. We have always used more than we should and have gotten away with it for far too long. Humans have constantly tried to change their ways and although some progress has been made in areas such as pollution, these minimal efforts are not enough to sustain the small amount of natural resources we have left. I believe that most people are in denial and think that we can get away with not making major changes to the way we live. Over the next 50 years, the human...

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