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Wikipedia Swot Essay

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Wikipedia SWOT Analysis and Competitors
Wikipedia has a lot of strengths and a great field of opportunities; can be qualified as a Encyclopedia and as a Wiki, in both categories has competition and could be surpassed by a Chinese version of a free encyclo-pedia; Wikipedia as we will see encounters opportunities that are great but that could be a weakness too, the global nature of Wikipedia can make the community unmanageable and prone to corruption; Wikimedia counts with more than 30 chapters in more that 280 languages ; Wikimedia is part of a global network of individuals, organizations, chapters, clubs and communities and all work together to maintain Wikipedia .
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The idea behind Citizendium is to achieve free knowledge but with responsibility ; as of July 2011, it had 15,920 articles, of which 155 had achieved editorial approval.
Scholarpedia is an online wiki based encyclopedia but managed by experts, “is a peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world” . The encyclopedia uses the wiki system, and users can edit the articles, but a team of contributors reviews the modifications; if the modifications are accepted then the article will be published and the user can be part of the team of contributors. To make intellectual contributions to Scholarpedia, the user has to be an expert in his/her field; in addition other experts will validate the user. As for December 2010, the encyclopedia has 671 articles and 1700 more in progress.
Because Wikipedia is denominated an encyclopedia and a Wiki, we can point as a direct competitor Encyclopedia Britannica and competitor in a globalized market with The Baidu Encyclopedia (A Chinese Encyclopedia). Encyclopedia Britannica is a competitor in the amount of knowledge that contains and the accuracy of its articles ; this has been refuted in articles like: Faith-Based Encyclopedia by Robert McHenry ; Encyclopedia Britannica’s structure is about “100 full-time editors and more than 4,000 expert contributors” . “Britannica's Editorial Board of Advisors—the Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners, the leading scholars, writers, artists, public servants, and activists who are at the top of their fields” .
The Baidu Encyclopedia is the Chinese version of Wikipedia, which is blocked in China (not the English version); Baidupedia was created as a resource to handle the Chinese information from inside China . It was a national effort for keeping all the Chinese information in Chinese language accurate but handled by the government; Baidu is a search engine and “Like Baidu itself, the encyclopedia is heavily self-censored in line with government regulations” is bigger than the Chinese Wikipedia that has as of February of 2012, “398.000+ articles” , Baidupedia has as of February 2012, “4.3 million articles more than the English Wikipedia” that counts with 3.861.000 articles.

Wikipedia Strengths:
Global coverage and free access: Wikipedia has editions in more than 270 languages, with more than 82.000 contributors . Its quantity of data is close to 20 million articles; these statistics could make Wikipedia the biggest free encyclopedia ever to exist, with free access and open to be edited by everybody. This statistic firmly supports its vision that information should be free and global . Wikimedia Foundation counts with 30 chapters covering Europe, Asia and South America, these groups help Wikipedia to grow in knowledge and in funds.
Users Loyalty: Wikipedia is used by more than 400 million people per month, it’s the 6th site most visited in the world, with 2.108.889 of sites linking in; and is one of the most trusted...

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