Wifi And Mobile Tech Essay

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Case Study 2: Wireless and Mobile Technology
Terry Boone
Dr. Stevens
CIS 500: Information Systems for Decision Making

Wireless and mobile technologies have transformed our daily lives, and also made a huge impact on the business world. The definition of the terms wireless and mobile technologies are often used interchangeably; however, this is not the case. Wireless technology is the ability to communicate on the internet via devices without a wire. Mobile technology is the ability to communicate on the internet via wireless and over a wired connection. Mobile technology allow for a user to access the internet anywhere at any time; conversely, wireless technology is ...view middle of the document...

All of these tasks can be handled without the worker returning to a desktop being stuck in an office (Koose, n.d.).
Delta had installed new wireless and mobile technologies to many of airport hubs and airplanes. Charging stations for wireless and mobile technology now await weary travelers in at least 20 airports across the country. Largest domestic aircraft now carry the Gogo WiFi on board; however, international aircraft have limited use of the Gogo WiFi since it cannot reach 100 miles offshore. Employees flying from airports inside the country will have the ability to catch up on work while in the air. Fly Delta a mobile application offers customers a variety of features. Common features include flight updates, mobile boarding passes, seat maps, and etc.
One unique feature is the ability to track a checked bag by scanning the bag tag with a smartphone (Geuss & Yamshon, 2012).
All of these options are time saving keeping a potential employee on time and organized. Delta is also extremely active in the social network craze. Costumers have the ability to book travel from a Facebook account or customers with a Twitter account can use the @deltaassit hashtag to support assistance. A social media lab was created inside Delta and staffed by customer service representatives, who watch tweets of delta customers regarding in sort of inconvenience. Costumer concerns are handled in real time via Twitter or through other channels when it becomes necessary. Customer loyalty has increased and so have sales due to the improved customer service through social networking along with upgrades to the mobile and wireless technologies (Geuss & Yamshon, 2012).
Ford Motor Company in 2010 created a system to get Ford vehicles connected to the internet. MyFord Touch along with its SYNC in car connectivity system is revolutionizing the internet access on the road. Vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch have a WiFi signal receiver that will deliver internet access, while parked, through a web browser developed by Ford. A mobile broadband modem is available to connect via universal serial bus (USB). The mobile modem broadcasts a WiFi signal throughout the vehicle allowing for easy access for all devices. The MyFord Touch Media Hub has two USB 2.0 ports allowing owners to connect a variety of devices. The SYNC WiFi capability has a simple security key for getting owners connected to inside a vehicle. The security key of the SYNC WiFi system is set at WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), customers must enter a randomly generated password to connect to the internet. Also, when SYNC discovers a new WiFi device for the first time, the driver must allow the devices to connect, preventing unauthorized users to connect to the SYNC signal("FORD SYNC CONNECTS CAR WITH INTERNET: NEW WIFI RECEIVER, BUILT-IN WEB BROWSER, MOBILE HOTSPOT", 2010).
MyFord Touch will also integrate a custom, webkit-based internet browser intended to take full advantage of the system’s built-in 8-inch LCD...

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