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Why Students Should Have A Dress Code

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Why Students Should Have a Dress Code
Anthony L Link
Baker College
Why Students Should Have a Dress Code
In schools across the world, students are permitted to wear certain types of clothing, or even have a school uniform that they are designated to wear on certain days, although for most public schools, this is not the case. For many public schools, students are allowed to wear certain clothing that expresses their opinions, views or likes and dislikes, although there are certain restrictions in this type of dress as well. School systems have been getting lax with what they are allowing in schools, and it may be hurting, helping, or even distracting students’ progress within the ...view middle of the document...

In the case of cultural or religious circumstances that students may face that may not adhere to the clothing standards put down by the establishment, student religious speech cannot be curtailed unless the school can show an absolutely compelling reason to do so, and that there are no less restrictive alternatives available (Espejo, 2012, p. 17). Although schools cannot ban religious speech, speech concerning drug use may be banned from schools if it is found to be distracting or inappropriate for school environment. Even so, schools are a learning, drug-free environment, and such dress is inappropriate for a learning environment, due to it not only being a distraction, it could promote illegal, or in some views, immoral activity within and outside of the school.
Not only should students be made to follow a dress code, but teachers and professors should have to follow their own dress code as well. In order to create a proper learning environment for their students it is imperative that professors keep themselves to professional standards, to show their prospective students the proper attire to bring them forward in life. Teachers should not have to wear suits and ties to each class, but should still dress functional, a collared shirt and slacks with a belt is appropriate and still looks professional.
The need to switch to a school uniform may be helpful and show the students a need to conform.
To the school, it’s about safety, pride and discipline. Random kids from off the street stick out when everyone is in uniform. Gang colors vanish. Distractions like expensive clothing or plunging cleavage are minimized. Wearing a uniform means you’re part of a team; there’s a sense of belonging and community. Plus, once you have a few pairs of khakis, it’s cheap and easy getting ready for school. These are the positives. (Hamilton, 2008, p. 46.)
Students themselves may not like to have to don a uniform every day before class though. Even though it may be beneficial to the school, the students lose their ability to express themselves freely using their style of dress while within school, and it may limit their own personalities.
Students themselves are expected to learn, but when other students clothing promoting something that they might find offensive distracts said student, then these articles of clothing should not be allowed in schools. Such clothing could be ones which promote political views, drug or alcohol use, or even those which promote illicit activities or offensive words, or even clothing that shows an excess of skin, which some students raised in a more conservative environment may find extremely distracting and distasteful and make the student leave and choose not to return due to the nature of the environment that they have to learn in.
There are certain...

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