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Why Some Children Have Imaginary Friends

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Have you ever seen a child talking with his own imaginary friend? It is quite a normal phenomenon which happens to children at the age of four or five. Some parents concern about this appearance. They think that it can be the result of physiological disorder of their child. This phenomenon can even been accepted as avoidance of reality. However, doctors claim that the fact of having imaginary friends shows some good qualities of children and has an important influence on them.
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The researches suggest that children are more likely to have unreal friends with similar gender. Also, it is a fact that most of the children borrow names for their creations from the names of surrounding them people or from the cartoons they like.
This phenomenon may show another important impact on children in developing language and communication skills because they get more linguistic practice during conversations with their imaginary friends than with friends in real life. In addition, it makes them to be more friendly and communicable with schoolmates in future. Talking and playing with unreal friends can practice good manners, vocabulary and topics for discussions. Children will be able to find games and activities to play with their real friends. Mostly, it can avoid detachment and shyness at school period.
In conclusion, imaginary friends are the main part of children’s life. They can be accepted differently by surrounding people. Nevertheless, having this type of companions is good for children’s development as an earlier education. Parents have to realize the positive influence of fictional friends on children and never condemn them about it. It is enough that the imaginary friends make the children happy.

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