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Why Should Students Choose Uk As The Higher Education Destination?

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Why should the United Kingdom be your destination for higher education?

The United Kingdom attracts one of the largest internationally mobile student bodies seeking higher education from around the world. Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the Kingdom has established numerous universities which provide high-quality education, facilities and research opportunities to the student demographic looking for advancement in the education career. The reasons that elevate the United Kingdom as an education destination are the quality of education, research opportunities that follow after students have enrolled or completed their universities, lower study costs, shorter ...view middle of the document...

The facilities provided to the students are one of the factors that are taken into consideration before a destination is chosen. Educational facilities of the United Kingdom universities are similar and consistent. All the universities and colleges have libraries, sports centers, financial, health and careers services for students studying courses at their schools. Student unions have also been formed to provide benefits to the students. “The student unions have a wide range of services from food and stationery outlets through to comprehensive advice services”. Apart from these services some unions provide part time employability and personal skills development programs.

UK universities provide financial services to the students as well. For students whose financial conditions have deteriorated, universities have formed employment agencies and job shops. The agencies at first interact with the students to understand their skills and academics. After understanding a student’s personality and skills, they use their contacts with employers to help identify suitable employment opportunities. The agencies also monitor the jobs to ensure that the pay rates and work hours are reasonable and within statutory guidelines. Hence, these agencies can be crucial to the financial stability of students.

Universities in the United Kingdom cater to different needs of students enrolled in their schools by providing various kinds of services. All United Kingdom universities have an understanding of the Disability and Equality Act 2010 and its legislative requirements. Hence, universities are bound to provide for the needs of disabled students. The universities will provide disabled students easier means of accessibility to classes, grounds, and other facilities. All of these facilities, services and care increase the satisfactions of students studying at UK universities.

The UK has comparatively shorter program courses than other education destinations. Most destinations have four-year undergraduate degree programs and two postgraduate degree programs. Conversely, UK has designed shorter courses, which lasts for three years for undergraduate studies and one year for Masters programs. The result of such course designs has helped students save time studying the university courses. Students can now complete both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs within four years time when it would have taken them a minimum of six years to complete the same program in other countries.

Due to the shorter study programs, students need to fund less money for their university education. As students are able to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate programs one year earlier than they would have in most educational destinations, they save a year’s worth of tuition fees. Hence, for the students who are funding their education, this becomes a major decision factor in choosing a country for higher education.

UK qualifications add value and a mark of...

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