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Why Pepole Like Dogs Essay

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I love having a dog in my life because they’re great company, the way the follow you round everywhere, their unconditional love. Dogs are energetic and useful. I have a dog her name is Chloe, I consider her as one of my best friends. She is there for me when I am sad, happy or lonely, she always brings me joy.
Chloe, is great company for me whenever I am in the house she will be right next to me. We enjoy watching TV together, whenever I am on the computer doing homework she is right there by ...view middle of the document...

When I take a shower she will sit right outside of the bathroom as soon I open the door there she is. Chloe loves to go for rides so as soon as she hear me say that I am getting ready to go she will run to the door and wait even if I am not taking her with me she still sits there.
Chloe shows me unconditional love everyday no matter what. She is so sweet even when I do not want to be bother with her she will stand there and wag here tail jumping up and down until you acknowledge her. When I tell her that I do not feel like playing she still will not leave my side she will set there as if saying well I am here for you when you need a hug. Even if I have to spank her have an accident she still shows me unconditional love.
Dogs are very highly intelligent, caring loving, forgiving, loyal, great companions, and playful they just want some to love on, to be there and to take care of them. Dogs very useful animals they help people with disabilities, they help hunters hunt, they help the military search for bombs, they can help rescue people. Dogs can be trained to do anything and sometimes they can go where humans cannot.

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