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Why Organization Needs To Collect Hr Data

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Reflect on, and identify below, what you have learnt since your last submitted development plan (if this is the first development plan you have submitted for the programme, then ignore this box on this occasion). Your learning might encompass both what you have taken from your study on the programme as well as wider learning from work-related activities. Your reflection could reflect all or some of these suggestions: What I have learnt and understand better; What I knew already that has been reinforced; What I need to reflect on further or think more about; What I can do now or do better; What I'm going to do differently in future back at the workplace.

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It can be in different ways: I will observe this process on practice or by completing a special questionnaire with my own questions and ask it from my colleagues and it will be gradually filled with answers;To participate in annual seminar concerning the recruitment processes in our company I will learn previous official answer to the same requests. Before identifying what kind of answer should I give (yes or no) I have to learn thoroughly the Policy about sponsorship of our company and employment lawI will participate in seminar concerning to record management I will use my current knowledge on practice and when I will have some problems I will consult with IT support of our companyI will read and learn web-sites, articles, books , presentation materials concerning Human Resources of oil-and gas companies all over the world and will try to find differences between our system of Human resources and foreign. I will identify the best practices and will prepare a presentation for how we will apply it on our system. | Support from my experienced colleaguesSupport from tutor of seminar which will hold on within our companyAccess to current database, e-journals, articles, case materialsSupport from my experienced colleaguesAccess to database with official answers to requestsI will use self-directed learning (magazines, books, journals, forums, on-line tutorials, blogs, etc.)Access to the library on VLE of CIPD site, where I can find video- conferences, literature, journal resources;Ask colleagues from our HR department who went to foreign business trips and visited big oil-and gas companies all over the world | To have completed a management interview myself;invitation of my line manager to participate in meeting in order to bring some ideas concerning the company’s recruitmentIf I could write an official letter by myself without any mistakes and will identify what kind of letter should I write using my knowledge in Sponsorship policy and Employment lawIf I can prepare a presentation of any difficulties for any theme using flip-charts, diagrams, tables, etc.My success criteria will be if I will be able to present our Managing director for the Human Resources and labor remuneration department the presentation with best practices in Human Resources area and will suggest my own vision of how we can change our own HR system | JanuaryFebruaryMarch April |

What do I want/need to learn? | What will I do to achieve this? | What resources or support will I need? | What will...

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