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Why Not Me Essay

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Running head: WHY NOT ME?

Why Not Me?
African Americans and Organ Donation
Winston Salem State University

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THE IMBALANCE OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
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At the time this seemed like a “white thing” to do, unimaginable to Black people like us. Where would we get the money to afford it? What if this donation killed me? What would Jesus think if he raised my body and I had given part of it away? Maybe I would not be a match. But of course I would match, it would be me, I would be the one, I always had that kind of “luck“. My dad had no answers to my questions. Being ignorant about organ donation and where to get more information, like many African Americans do today, we did nothing. Billy was 26 years old when he died from kidney failure.
Theoretical Framework
The Precede-Proceed Model of health promotion can be utilized as a framework for healthcare professionals seeking to influence attitudes toward organ donations. The underlying approach of the model is to identify the desired outcome, determine what causes it and design an intervention aimed at reaching the desired outcome (Green and Kreuter, 1999). The Precede-Proceed Model has 9 major phases. The first 5 phases involve assessment of the health, social and environmental issues. Phases 6 through 9 involve program implementation and evaluation designed to intervene.
Literature Review
In my review of the literature concerning organ and tissue donations, I did not find anyone who had all the answers. There was however, a harmony that balancing the supply and demand of organ and tissue donations might be found in education and awareness not just in potential Black donors and their families but also in those who approach them with the issue.
In a study by Siminoff, Lawrence and Arnold (2003), white families were more likely to be correctly perceived as receptive to donation. Black families who were viewed as receptive were less likely to be engaged in discussing donation related issues as white families. Black families were also less likely to have spoken to a donor organization representative and were given fewer opportunities to consider the decision with healthcare provider or donor organization staff.
Likewise, a study by Guadagnoli, Mcnamara, Evanisko, Beasley, Callender and Poretsky (1999) in which hospital staff approached families of patients who were medically suitable for donation revealed that the African American families were less likely to be approached for donation than the families of white patients. If all eligible families had been approached, and the rate of donation observed in the study applied, an additional 83 donations from African American patients and 240 donations from white patients would have resulted.
In a discussion among African-American organ donors and African-American health experts, it was noted that racism against whites also play a part in the reluctance of African-Americans to donate (Why more blacks 1995). This is interesting since racism is often thought of as a white against black attitude. It is a significant finding because many Blacks refuse to become donors for fear that organs will be...

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