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Why Medical Care For The Aging Needs Reforming

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Why Medical Care for an Aging Population Needs Reforming
Medical care for the aging population has been an issue of concern for the American population for many years, and cost of medical care continues to grow exponentially (Getzen & Moore, 2007). The costs associated with health care, limited health care resources, longevity of the population, and quality of care, are factors considered when medical care for the aging population is analyzed. The following discussion provides an overview of the issues surrounding medical care for the aging population, reasons substantiating the cause for national concern, and two major reasons medical care for the aging population needs reforming.
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The average person may qualify for Medicare to offset the cost of private insurance at the golden age of 65. If preventive care was not done earlier in life, most seniors will try to do the catch-up care that often is too late to correct. Health issues ranging from chronic diseases experinced later in life may have been prevented or corrected earlier with affordable health insurance. In addition, there are also concerns of medical resources to combat the disabilities caused by age-related diseases such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, and arthritis (Why Population, 2007).
The second major reason medical care for our aging population needs reforming is American communities is not prepared for the aging Baby Boomer population. According to Anderson and Hussey (2000), several case studies are reporting we are not ready for the Baby Boomer generation because this particular community is living longer and past the life expectancy age of 70 years (p. 19). Although Baby Boomers are the fastest growing population that was not anticipated, many organizations are helping to relieve some of the stresses on the aged by providing health care preventive services, better nutrition, exercise programs, public safety, along with transportation, and housing assistance. Medical care reform needs to take place to ensure Baby Boomers have access to help provide better services at a fraction of the cost.

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