Why I Believe In God Essay

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Believing in God Jehovah
J. Michele Jones
COM 220 Research Writing
July 8, 2012
Karen Halusek

Believing in God Jehovah
When a person starts talking about religion, most people begin to get upset or walk away from you. Many people do not want to understand or know how someone can start believing in a God that you cannot see, feel, or touch. Everyone is entitled to believe in whoever he or she wants to believe in, just because that person cannot see, does not give the other person the right to say that no one else should. There are so many who find it joyous to get to know God. The ethics in Christianity are all in the Word of God. For many of us, we do not need to put someone else ...view middle of the document...

To understand the Jews, someone need to research their history thoroughly and their connection with Israel. Equally important, God had given them the “Promised Land”, which is Israel. Before it was called Israel, it was known as Canaan. In fact, He told Abraham, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed,” (Genesis 12:3, King James Version). Israel has a rich history with connecting with one sovereign God. The faith that Abraham had was passed down to his son and grandson, Isaac and Jacob. They are known as the three founding fathers of faith. Moreover, the Jews also fell from grace with the Father. After they were set free from Pharaoh’s rule, they spent 40 years in the wilderness before they could go into the “Promised Land.” When Moses was on Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, the people built a golden calf to be their false god. According to Polish (2011), When discussing the relationship between God and man, the books of the world cannot contain anything that God has done. Still, Israel holds significance in Jewish people lives. Pastor John Hagee created an organization called Christians United for Israel. The organization “intended to be a Christian counterpart to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (Smith, 2012), p27, helps bring attention to the situations involving Israel and what Christians in the United States can do to help them. He speaks of about the Christian Zionism that will help restore the Jews back to their rightful place.
Anyone who has a connection with Jesus will tell you that it is one of the greatest convictions someone could have in their lives. One can go on and on about all the wonderful things that He has done. In order to truly live for Christ, that person needs to understand that it is by faith someone can live a free life. Christianity is not a religion it is a lifestyle change, a change that will affect every area of your life. The significance in this relationship is to understand that the Father in heaven, who sent Jesus, wants everyone to be saved. He wants everyone to be fruitful in everything that we do. He wants us to be rich in Him, health, finances, family, job, helping others, etc. God is a loving, just, and faithful God. He is unlike anything that one can imagine. He wants us to trust in Him completely and know that he will take all of burdens off of our shoulders. When facing situations in life, it is important to go to church. Most people do not go because they feel as if they do not belong there or God does not want to hear from them. When someone goes to church, we are less stressed about life and we know that God will supply all of our needs.
Kit-Chun Lam and Bill W.S. Lang conducted tests based on “traditional Chinese religion” and Christian groups. They did formulas to show the difference in income. According to Lam and Lang (2005), “To study the partial effect on INCOME on the ethical...

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