Why Has The Commission Insisted On Training For The Whole Company When The Problem Is Clearly Only Mr. Pettipas? Elaborate?

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b/ for the type of training envisioned ,what are the learning objective? Write these objectives in complete from .
An effective objective contains thee parts :
1/Desired behaviors
is what the trainee is expected to be able to do
2/ Conditions
what help /environment trainees will have when performing the expected behavior
3/ standards
what will be required to be successful learning objective should be developed for reaction to training ,learning ...view middle of the document...

1. 2/Request from employee – Employees usually are the first to recognize the need for additional training. This need can result from the assignment of a new task, technological changes, or just a realization that additional training would result in a more efficient work product.
2. Change in agency vision or mission – Agency vision and mission can sometimes change due to state or federal legislation. Thus employees may be assigned new duties or positions may be restructured. Before assigning new duties and responsibilities to employees, decide if the employees will need additional training. Remember, the reason for providing training is to produce a change or provide support so employees can reach their goals and objectives; thus attaining the agency’s vision and mission.
3. Determination through performance management review – An excellent time to determine training needs is when a performance review is completed on employees. What additional training would be needed to assist employees to meet or exceed job expectations? Based on the employee’s self-assessment of identified strengths and improvement opportunities, an analysis should follow to determine training that may be needed to improve overall work performance.

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