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Why Didnt The Articles Of Confederation Work

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Jesús David Abaroa S.


The articles of the confederation were a document which established the first governmental structure, and it unified the thirteen states that had fought in the American Revolution. They went official and into effect on March 1, 1781 and it lasted until March 4, 1789, day there were replaced by the US Constitution. The purpose of these articles was ...view middle of the document...

In other words, all states were independent from the United States and only responsible for the defense. The articles of the confederation were made to keep the government as weak as possible. But many problems became apparent soon.
The weaknesses that became apparent in the articles of confederation were too many. First, each state had only one but in the congress, no matter of its size. The congress had not power to tax people or states. No national court system existed. Laws required majority to pass on the congress. These are some of the weaknesses the articles of confederation had.
Under the effects of the articles of confederation states were often arguing among themselves. And they refused to support the national government financially. During that time the national government was powerless to enforce anything. Each state printed its own money. Each state had their own army. There was no stable economy during that time. It was until 1786 that Shays’ Rebellion occurred in western Massachusetts, looking to rise debt and economic chaos. As more states wanting to change the articles of confederation, a meeting was settled in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787 called the constitutional convention.

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