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Why Columbus Day Is A Bad Idea

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Celebration of Mass Murderer to Occur
For years, Columbus Day has been recognized as a national holiday. Millions of ignorant people go out and celebrate the man who brought about the deaths of millions of Native American people. Many are too perturbed by the thought of that, after all, it was not their ancestors who died. Others would argue that is was not Columbus who killed the Indians, it was smallpox. Though Hitler did not gas, shoot, and work all those Jews himself, he was the man behind the curtain, the reason it all happened. Columbus Day is a day full of lies, deception, and fairy tales to appease the general masses and let them sleep better at night. It’s time they awoke.
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#55, 1492). According to shipmate that observed Columbus and his peculiar ways of navigation, “Only by looking at a cloud or by night at a star, he knew what was going to happen and whether there would be foul weather,” (p. #54, 1492). What’s more likely than the stars and clouds speaking to Columbus, is that he predicted things on a whim, as per usual.
The fairy tales of Columbus Day not only spread into the theory of whom Columbus was, but also all the supposed good he did. Columbus did revolutionize European agriculture, and helped feed thousands of starving people in Africa with his findings, but they’re still starving, and so Columbus did not really do much besides stall the inevitable. Columbus himself was an egomaniacal man, focused solely on how he would look later in life and keeping himself shrouded in mystery. Columbus wanted to be more interesting, because he was in fact not all that interesting. He masked his own story, signing his name in a pyramid of symbols that has yet to be conclusively deciphered (p. #48, 1492). Columbus’ son confides that his father “chose to leave in obscurity” all details of his early life (p. #49, 1492). The story that everyone...

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