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Why Can't We Be Good? Essay

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PHI 106
Assignment #1
Why Can’t We Be Good?

“Our society simply has no generally acceptable solution to the ethical dilemma of abortion. So here is a test for us. This is ethnics. We are in front of a painful and
Momentous question of right and wrong. How shall we try to think - to think, and not just wrangle - about it?”(“Why Can’t We Be Good?”, pg.63)

I believe that everyone has an opinion about a certain situation whether it’d be right or wrong. Giving an opinion about a certain subject brings out the ...view middle of the document...

People who are pro-life consider abortions to be inhumane and believe they should be outlawed. As, viewed by people who categorize themselves as pro-life, it is seen as the murder of an innocent life.
Plus, abortion lessens the chance for adoption if the child is born and sadly women that choose abortion usually do not have the financial resources to support the child. There are also, other safer forms of birth control. But I also, believe that in any situation if a woman is raped or abused, she should have the rights to do an abortion is that is the only possible choice that is left.
Other people believe that the fetus is not considered, “alive” so, it is ok to use abortion as a birth control but, they may not know that abortion can cause some damage to the female's uterus which, may not allow the woman to be able to reproduce ever again. Also, if the abortion is handled by a non-professional it may cause the woman to bleed to death or get infected by a disease. The end to the war between whether abortion is good or bad will never end because it is based on a personal opinion and it is the woman’s choice on whether she wants it done or not.

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