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Why Breaks Are Important Essay

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Most of us have had a job at some point in our lives. In my experience, younger people today take advantage of the fact that they get additional breaks other than their lunch breaks while working. Unfortunately, what they don't realize that these additional breaks that they've received while working in their retail jobs are mandatory based on the companies that they work for, not mandated by federal law. Up to 75% adults who are in the throws of their careers don't take their lunch breaks away from their desks, and therefore aren't receiving a break of any sort away from their desks (“We're Not Taking Enough Lunch Breaks. Why That's Bad For Business”, 2015). Although it may ...view middle of the document...

This causes employees to be spending more time to complete tasks, and thus costing employers. The cost to employers is not just a financial one. Although employers are going to be paying out more money in overtime, they are also going to be paying out more in training to cover costs to train new employees to replace those that have left due to burn out (Evans 2014).

Burn Out
According to Psychology Today, burn out occurs “when you're not in control of how you carry out your job.” In addition, you are working towards goals that don't come across as valuable to you and the lack of a social support system. These combined with the lack of taking regular breaks can cause a burn out. If left in this state of cynicism, depression, and lethargy, you could be left with some serious mental and physical health problems (“Psychology Today”, 2015).

When it comes to giving employees regular breaks, management and many people think that it's a waste of valuable corporate time. What they fail to realize is that if employees are forced to work long hours with no ability to take a break that they will become more of a liability than an asset to the company. A lack of breaks stunts creativity and will cause...

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