Why Am I Here Essay

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Why am I Here?
The decision to further my education was made long before I completed high school; however, at the time I did not have the resources at my disposal to achieve my life goals. In conversations I had with individuals that I surrounded myself with I realized that furthering my education should be a top priority. The decision was made to join the armed services which had a huge impact on my life. Not only did the rigors of military life provide me with the ...view middle of the document...

Over the years I’ve been motivated by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and by living vicariously through family, friends, and their college experience(s).
Along comes the Great Recession; a period in our history that continues to impact every hard working American and the global society. The unfortunate events leading up to the recession and the subsequent implosion of the economy, if you will, forced me to seriously ponder my future. Why now? “Why not?” would be the easiest way to answer that question, but the more obvious answer is the fulfillment of my goals. You see I never gave up on them I just chose another route. I envision a better quality of life following successful completion of my degree program that will not only affect me but family and friends. I presume that more opportunities will present themselves to me; that I will be armed with the knowledge, skills and abilities to argue my perspective. In addition, I would expect improved job and financial security especially considering the fact that we live in a digital society that’s becoming increasingly mobile. The journey will not be brief nor easy. It will require a significant investment on behalf of myself in order to yield a positive return.

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