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Whole Foods Market Essay

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Jordan Davis
Whole Foods Market
Baker College

Whole Foods Market

Economic environment
The economic environment is describe as the totality of economic factors, such as employment, income, inflation, interest rates, productivity, and wealth, influencing the buying behavior of consumers and institutions. It has five main components; they are economic conditions, economic system, economic policies, international economic environment and economic legislations.
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has pioneered a different approach for the operation of his company than most large retail businesses. John Mackey has the ideal that business and “crony” Capitalism ...view middle of the document...

(Strong 2009). This affects the supply and demand aspects of Whole Foods Market and their profitability.

Socio-cultural environment
Socio-cultural theory is a fairly new theory in psychology and focuses on the contributions that society makes to an individual’s development at a younger age. This theory highlights the interactions between developing people and the culture’s and environments in which they live. Socio-cultural ideas focus on more than how adults and friends influence an individual learning. It also leans more focus on how the cultural beliefs and attitudes within a subculture impact the learning of individuals.

Whole Foods Company, along founder and CEO John Mackey are trend setters and viewed as front runners in today’s healthy and organic foods industry. In the late 1970’s the concept of paying more money for a product, that at the time was view by most consumers as equal, was a “fad” of a small subculture filled with “hippies” and people living the “communal” lifestyle. In a world filled with childhood obesity and the recurring health issues that plague our global community especially in the United States of America, Whole Foods Company and its idea’s on using Conscious Capitalism to better the lives of stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, investors, society, and the environment affect the socio-cultural
Whole Foods Market
environment of many people around the globe. Target marketing strategies used by Whole Foods Market affect the shopping patterns of environmentally conscious adults worldwide.

Parents being a major part of the socio-culture beliefs embedded in our youth, project new healthy socio-cultural beliefs and patterns into their children. Hopefully this will design a new blueprint that will alter the already in place “bad habits” that we have ingrained in our current culture and sub-cultures through unconscious or “crony” Capitalism. Since the industrial revolution, early economist had the popular belief that the maximization of profits was the only responsibility of business. (Mackey 2013) This thought process has had a adversely negative effect on our health environment and our nation but mostly the view many have on Capitalism in general.

Technological Environment
The definition of technological environment is that part of the firm's external environment in which changes in technology affect the firm's marketing effort. It deals with implementing new tools, methods and techniques to streamline productions and the process with which a company operates.
Whole Foods Company is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to use the ever changing technological environment to its advantage. Whole Foods was the first major retailer to offset 100% of their energy use with wind credits, meaning they are dedicated to
Whole Foods Market
implementing new forms of energy in order to a leader in “green” or reusable energy. They have also started to...

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