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Whole Foods Essay

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3. Find the most recent financial statements for the company from the Bloomberg terminals. Identify two competitors and contrast the numbers.
The first financial statement for Whole Foods Market (WFM) that will be presented in this report is the Income Statement, for the period ending September 27, 2015, which is reporting a net income of $536,000. The next financial statement is the Balance Sheet, as of September 27, 2015, which is reporting total assets at $5,741,000, total liabilities at $1,972,000, and shareholder’s Equity at $3,769,000. Then finally, the Statement of Cash Flows, for the period ending September 27, 2015, which is reporting operating activities at $1,129,000, ...view middle of the document...

COST is much larger company than WFM, in fact, it’s the third largest retailer in America. This again makes it appear that COST is in a better financial position than WFM, but this will be explored more thoroughly in the next question.
4. Calculate the basic ratios for this company. Identify two competitors and contrast the numbers.
The following basic ratios will be contrasted between the three companies (WFM, SFM, and COST): Current ratio: the current ratio is computed by dividing current assets by current liabilities. WFM has a current ratio of 1.23 and this was computed by dividing 1,544,000 (current assets) by 1,252,000 (current liabilities). SFM and COST have current ratios of 1.51 and 1.05, respectfully. All three companies have a healthy current ratio with SPM’s as slightly better. EPS: earnings per share is calculated by dividing net income/shares outstanding. WFM has an EPS of 1.49 and this was computed by dividing 536000/348,900. SFM and COST have an EPS of .76 and 5.37, with COST considerably ahead. ROE or return on equity is computed by dividing net income/shareholder’s equity. WFM has a ROE of 14.14 which is computed by dividing 536000/3769000. SFM and COST have a ROE of 17.25 and 21.99, with COST in the lead. ROA or return on assets is computed by dividing net income over total assets. WFM has a ROA of 9.33...

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