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Who Is The True Hero In The Kite Runner?

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Being a hero is not something everyone can be. One has to make sacrifices for the better of others. If one is not willing to make sacrifices, they are not strong enough to be a hero. Specific heroes are hard to find. Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”, revolves around characters portraying heroism. Although the story revolves around many characters showcasing the theme of heroism, the character that has been the hero throughout the story is Hassan. This is proved by the sacrifices Hassan made for Amir, Hassan accepting his mother back into his life and Hassan protecting Baba’s house after he left to America.
Firstly, Hassan is the true hero of the story because he was constantly ...view middle of the document...

Hassan also portrays heroism when he sacrifices himself by taking the blame for something he did not do: “Did you steal the money? Did you steal the watch Hassan? Hassan’s reply was a single word, delivered in a thin raspy voice: ‘Yes’“(Hosseini, 111). This quote showcases Hassan’s heroism because it shows the sacrifice Hassan made for Amir. Hassan took the blame for stealing money and a watch from Amir’s room even though Amir is the one who planted it in Hassan’s room. This portrays Hassan’s heroism because he took the blame and left the house with his father so that Amir does not have to seem guilty about what happened to Hassan every time he sees him. Hassan left the house for Amir showcasing that he was strong enough to sacrifice and do anything for Amir.
Secondly, Hassan accepted his mother back into his life even though she left him as an infant. Hassan’s mother Sanaubar, came back to Hassan after many years after she left him: “He took Sanaubar’s hand in both of his and told her she could cry if she wanted to but she needn’t, she was home now, home with her family” (Hosseini, 222). Even though Hassan’s mother left him as an infant, he was caring enough to accept her back into his life. Hassan was strong enough to forgive his mother even though she missed out on all those years in Hassan’s life. He was able to see the future with his mother instead of remembering what happened in the past. This portrays Hassan’s heroism because he was strong enough to forgive his mother even though he could have told her to leave for what she did. Hassan also demonstrates heroism by taking care of his mother: “Hassan and Farzana nursed her back to health. They fed her and washed her clothes. I gave her one of the guest rooms upstairs” (Hosseini, 222). Despite the extra work, Hassan still took care of his mother and made her feel like she was home. Hassan could of jus left her dying in the streets but instead he accepted her back into his life and treated her with respect. Although Hassan’s mother was not there for Hassan to take care of him, he was there for his mother when she needed him the most showcasing Hassan’s heroism. Hassan also demonstrates heroism by letting his mother take care of his child. Hassan let his mother take care of child so she can experience what it is like to raise a child after missing out on Hassan’s childhood: “She sewed clothes for him, built toys from scraps of wood, rags, and dried grass. When he caught a fever, she stayed up all night, and fasted for three days. She isfand for him on a skillet to cast out nazaar, the evil eye” (Hosseini, 223). Hassan wanted his mother to experience what it is like raising a child. By raising Hassan’s child, she can experience what it was like raising Hassan. Hassan wanted his mother to experience the years she missed out on Hassan’s childhood. This shows Hassan’s heroism because he cared for his mother’s happiness and makes her feel like she is home with her...

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