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Who Are Heros Essay

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I agree with you that the government shut down caused a lot of grief for the American people and ultimately solving absolutely nothing. In my opinion the government shut down is democracy at its worst. Besides avoiding a default on our national debt which would of sent our economy in a tailspin, and the loss of revenues which incurred during a time of economic recession, the shutdown merely delayed the inevitable. Our nation’s core problems cannot be solved by simply throwing in the towel, or agreeing to disagree. There has to be some give and take between the parties in order to actually accomplish anything. Unfortunately right now there seems to be too much focus of ideological differences ...view middle of the document...

They try to avert their eyes from the closed, threatening doors leading to the dental surgery rooms, where an ominous high pitched whirring sound is coming from. Occasionally, I hear a muffled thud, or a yell. One by one the receptionist call out the patients name, “Garcia, Veronica.” Or “Escobedo, Jennifer.”
Plastered on the walls are dramatic “before/after” photos. They show yellow teeth, set crookedly in red raw gums becoming brilliantly white and straight. The walls are painted a stark, clinical white however photographs of people with toothy grins beam down at me, from the newspaper clipping over the years. It must be my imagination, but already I can taste the slightly stale bubblegum flavored gloves, the cool hard metal of the examine probe, and the chink clink it makes when it sometimes collides with my teeth. I can feel the vinyl of the reclining chairs, which are covered in plastic, and also which clammy legs hav...

A quaint aroma of pure harmony and happiness is abroad the marvelous lake designed by years of change. It is a therapeutic retreat hidden from the world we entertain. Soft winds caress your neck as one nears the out-lying woods that surround this satisfaction achieved...

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